Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Hebron Crossroads 9-15
by Jeff Gill

One of the interesting effects of writing in the echo chamber of a weekly newspaper is that you’re better at reporting on what’s going to happen next week than what just happened yesterday, given the necessary lead time on publishing and distributing. On the other hand, you get to look back at stories after the first rush of events has settled down.

So while the “Respond To The Call” accounts of last Wednesday will have to wait another week, I can tell you something about how, at the Sweet Corn Festival in Millersport, the Lakewood Band Boosters went through 110 bags of doughnut mix, after using 83 the year before! The Buckeye Lake Youth Association waffle fry-ers and Hebron Lions also were kept hopping.

Fund raisers are a tough way to generate a budget, but when dues and fees and pledges reach their limits, the unsung heroes who make projects possible for so many youth and community activities are the ones who say yes to that extra shift in the booth, or run out late at night for one last load of supplies. Give yourselves a pat on the back, dunkers and dippers! Those doughnuts turn into dollars that are greatly needed and well used.

Coming up on Wednesday Sept. 18 at 7 pm in the Lakewood Intermediate building is the Fall Round-up for Cub Scout Pack 33. Ed Fuentes is Cubmaster this year, making the transition with the help of Doug Hohl. Pack 33 is ready to sign up boys from 1st grade Tiger Cubs to 2nd grade Wolves and 3rd grade Bears, with the 4th and 5th grade Webelos den to ready the Cubs for Boy Scouts.

Pack 33 is one of the strongest Cub packs in Licking County, and they’ve been helping support Pack 27 out of Hebron Elementary until they can build up a full crew of adult leadership, so this is the Round-up for all the Lakewood district Cub Scouts.

This is the season for all the Cub packs around Licking County to register new scouts and start Fall programs, so whether you live around the Lakewood school district or anywhere else you might be reading the Booster, if you have a young boy in the house, check out Scouting for him!

When the Cubs and Boy Scouts head out to Camp Falling Rock, which just celebrated a 75th anniversary in August, they’ll see the woolly worms out and about. No column worth its salt would miss commenting on wooly worms, and how they predict (?) how hard a winter we’ll have. My problem here is that I’ve heard a) a wide dark stripe means heavy snow, and b) a narrow dark stripe means a hard winter.

It gets worse: the last woolly worm I saw, doing what I hope is the “last mow” of the yard this year, was all tan, with no dark brown stripe at all, except a ring near the tail. Does that mean we’ll get flaming hailstones in December?

Send your reports of woolly worm mythology and stripe sightings to disciple@voyager.net, or leave me a message at 928-4066, and we’ll write ‘em up.

Our entire community is keeping up our prayers and sharing information on young Kara Glaser, who was so badly injured last week after her dad’s motorcycle was struck by a car on US 40 near York Road. After a number of surgeries, there’s no doubt that more are going to be needed, but she’s out of the ICU at Children’s Hospital, and we look forward to seeing her back in Hebron soon. With the odd schedule of these columns, she may be back home with Jim and Tina even as you read this!

Jeff Gill is pastor of Hebron Christian Church and an active Scouter in the Simon Kenton Council, BSA. If you have local news or events, call him at 928-4066 or e-mail disciple@voyager.net.