Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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Notes From My Knapsack 2-05-06
Jeff Gill

Winter Olympics from the Peanut Gallery

We have a real treat ahead with the every four years phenomena of the Winter Olympics, this year in Italy, around Turin or Torino, or at least the northern part of the boot near the Alps!
Most second graders were three years old or so when the Salt Lake City Games happened, but here in Licking County, as you will see, even the youngest of us caught the Olympic flame and it still burns in their memory, even if for fairly everyday reasons.
So without any further ado, here are a number of Olympian observations from a group of second graders:
Tristan - My favorite sport is skiing because they are fast.
Eric - My favorite sport is bobsledding.
Renata - My favorite sport in the Winter Olympics is figure skating, and my favorite Olympic gymnast is Carly Patterson.
Gracie - I like the part when my aunt Lea Ann got a medal, and this year she is going to coach the skeleton team.
Zachary - My favorite sports in the Winter Olympics are skeleton and skiing, because it is cool that someone is going more than 100 mph.
McKenna - My favorite person in the Olympics is Lea Ann because I know her niece and she knows my dad.
Jarred - My favorite sport in the winter is hockey because I play it.
Vega - My favorite sport is basketball, because I like shooting hoops.
Ella - My favorite sport in the winter is indoor swimming because it gives me a lot of exercise.
Tate - Kelly Clark is my favorite because she won #1 snowboarding in Winter Olympics 2002.
John - My favorite part about the Winter Olympics is watching people snowboard.
Jonathan - I would love to snowboard in the Olympics someday.
Hailey - My favorite part of the Olympics is that I know Lea Ann Parsley.
Mikayla - My favorite sport is ice skating.
Madeline - My favorite sport is to go sledding and ice skating.
Christopher - My two favorite activities in the Winter Olympics are skiing and bobsledding.
Peyton - My favorite part of the Olympics is gold medals.
Trent - My favorite sport in the Winter Olympics is snow boarding because I do it all the time.
Tori - My favorite activity in the winter is ice skating, because you learn how to do tricks on the ice.
Brittany - My favorite winter activity is playing in the snow.
Shelby - My favorite winter sport is ice skating, because I enjoy slipping and sliding.
Mary - The coolest winter activity is ice skating because you get to swirl around.
Alex - My favorite winter activity is making stuff in the snow.
Samuel - My favorite part of the Winter Olympics is skating because it is really tense.
Zoe - My favorite Olympic athlete is Lea Ann Parsley, because her niece is in my class.
Andy - My favorite sport in the winter is skiing, because I like ramping.
We will have an update after the games of Torino are over, especially on that skeleton coach and her team that you kept hearing about. Stay tuned, but first, a word from our sponsor. . .

Jeff Gill is a writer, storyteller, and supply preacher around central Ohio; he also does some writing tutoring at Granville Elementary. Write to him at disciple@voyager.net.