Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Hebron Crossroads 8-22-04
By Jeff Gill

Zooooom. . .
That rush of wind was the summer passing us by; from late spring to early autumn, there was an interval of but a few weeks we could call the summertime.
Monday, Aug. 23, Lakewood schools and most of our surrounding districts start classes. Devotees of St. Murphy are sure that we’ll get our long overdue warm spell with heat and humidity when our kindergarten through third graders are safely ensconced within the un-airconditioned walls of Hebron Elementary.
We will see; they took shorts and t-shirts to band camp at Marengo and put out an emergency call for blankets and sweatshirts the first day, so anything can happen.
I’m going to stall a bit on sharing Hartford Fair results ‘til I’m sure I’ve got everyone I can from around the Hebron Crossroads. Prime Producers and Kith-and-Kin got ribbons for their delightful booth displays, and many local faces were seen around the show rings and barns. More to come. . .
Monday evening on Aug. 23, after school has truly begun, there will be a chance to give our whole community an education, as a dedication is scheduled for the Hebron Historical Society display cases in the lobby of the Municipal Complex, starting at 7:00 pm.
That lobby and the council chamber will host the village Blood Drive, coming ‘round again Tues., Aug. 31 from 1 to 6 pm. The end of summer sees the shelves of central Ohio blood banks pretty bare, with few wanting to stop and donate blood during these vacation-heavy months. If you are fit and healthy, come help your fellow man. . .actually, a fellow man, woman, and child, since each unit often helps as many as three people once processed. We tend to get around thirty donors, which adds up to nearly a hundred humans helped by this simple act.
Y’know, with all the pre-first-day-o’-school preparations (and without fair results), there’s not going to be much more to this column, so let me sign off with this observation from my hometown county fair (and yes, as has been asked, I’m trying to get my sister’s challa bread recipe to print here soon, too).
The Porter County (Indiana) Fair had, along with the 4-H displays and barns, the midway and the rides, some interesting attractions including a sea lion show four times a day, alternating with an elephant performing.
If you walked around behind the elephant enclosure and saw the portable stabling arrangement (not your standard horse trailer), there was a large sign against the back wall in sharply contrasting black and yellow, standing above a rack of very large shovels and rakes.
It read, “Manure Happens!”
Ah, show business.

Jeff Gill is pastor of Hebron Christian Church and a big fan of show business at all ends; if you have glamorous news to share from the stockbarn or swinepens, call 928-4066 or e-mail