Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Hebron Crossroads 1-12-03
By Jeff Gill

If you’ve been hearing some of the discussions about the Newark Earthworks lately and wanted to know more about their 2000 years of history, you might want to watch Adelphia Cable channel 5 this Tuesday (Jan. 14) at 7:30 pm. Rich Lutze, the general manager of Adelphia here in the area, hosts a program called "Headlines – Licking County" each week. Recently, he taped a program on the mounds of our area, particularly the Octagon and Observatory Circle of Newark Earthworks State Memorial.

His guests for this week’s program are Dr. Richard Shiels of OSU-Newark, a professor of history, and your Hebron Crossroads columnist! So tune in and save me telling you again in print what an amazing cultural legacy we have here right in our own backyard.

(Oh, you may know the Octagon/Observatory part of the Newark Earthworks as Moundbuilders Country Club, but as a public site there are well marked spots off of 33rd St. and behind the hospital where you can view them.)

History is going to be a big theme for all of this year, with the Ohio Bicentennial officially beginning at Adena State Memorial in Chillicothe on March 1. From the front lawn of Thomas Worthington’s home is the view enshrined on the Great Seal of our state, and inside is one of Ohio’s most beautiful and most historic homes, with the involvement of Benjamin Latrobe in the design making a tie between Adena and Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home on the back of your nickle.

On your license plates has been a running reminder that, while Newark snuck a bow in towards the bicentennial in 2002, the statewide observance officially begins this year, and while the high and mighty will make the lines long down at Adena (so visit, but wait ‘til later), March 1 will be a big day in Licking County, too.

Come out on that Saturday morning to OSU-N at Hopewell Hall, and there will be a pancake breakfast through the morning on either side of a 10:30 am picture of the state of Ohio, formed by you, me, and a few hundred of our closest friends! A number of us from the Lakewood area are working on and with the county bicentennial commission, and there will be more to tell you, but make sure to come eat the pancakes at Statehood Day and be in the photo of an Ohio outlined and scripted by Licking County residents.

Right here in Hebron, our own Hebron Historical Society is doing their part by sponsoring special "badges" that many of us will be wearing on and before March 1. They are a two inch replica of the Hebron shield, with the slight modification of the years "1803-2003" and the words "Hebron Historical" above the village outline and the paths of the Ohio Canal and Ohio 79 crossing the National Road.

Jody Schoop is coordinating this effort by the Hebron Historical Society (which meets on first Mondays at 7:30 pm in the Masonic Building), and she tells me that they are available at the Municipal Building during business hours for $3, or you can call her at 928-4161 for more info – or to arrange buying them in bulk, and give them to all your friends!

And of course there’s the wider context of our history as retold in fiction: have you read "Johnny Tremain" yet? I know some of you have (some have re-read it for the first time since junior high, I’ve heard), and we’re looking forward to the first "Books & Coffee" at 612 W. Main in the front room on Sat., Jan. 25 at 10 am.

Jeff Gill is pastor of Hebron Christian Church and often involved in hysterical activities; or is that historical? Either way, pass along news and notes to "Hebron Crossroads" by calling 928-4066 or e-mail disciple@voyager.net.