Thursday, April 17, 2003

Hebron Crossroads 4-20
by Jeff Gill

Two boys pedaling their bicycles in a wobbly formation down the shoulder
of a gravel road, baseball mitts looped over the handlebars and one
awkwardly one-handing the steering while balancing a bat over his

Is there any clearer sign that summer is getting very, very close?
And Easter for me is always the marker between spring and summer. .
.which can be delusional, I know, when the date falls in March.
A number of folks around town and by e-mail have asked me: how does
Easter's date get set? The answer is both simple and odd. Simply put, the
Sunday after the first full moon on or after the spring equinox is
Easter, which means the day can be any date from March 22 to April 25.
Calendar issues have to do with the tie between the Jewish Passover and
the events Christians call Holy Week, since the Hebrew calendar follows a
thirteen month lunar calendar (we're in the month of Nisan of the year
5764, by the way). The odd part is why we still date Easter this way,
which has to do with centuries of fascinating ecclesiastical history, but
if we'd listened to those Celtic monks a millenium and a half ago, this
wouldn't be so complicated. Not the first time the Irish were right and
weren't listened to. . .

Blessedly, this year Easter morn does not fall on either a snowy mid-
March or the even grimmer "time change" Sunday, as the great tradition of
Sunrise Services will be getting many of us up to greet the dawn.

The Lakewood Area Churches Sunrise Service will be at 6:30 am by the
upper picnic shelter at Dawes Arboretum. Bob Beyer's singing, Wes Baker's
praying, and my message will all share in the celebration, so come join
us, and then drop by Hebron United Methodist for breakfast. Wes will pour
me the ceremonial first cup of coffee as Lent officially ends, so please
join us.

Hebron UMC will have their Easter service at 10 am; Jacksontown UMC
worships at one service for Easter (not counting sunrise!) with a cantata
at 9:15 am.

Licking Baptist will have a sunrise service at their new building (1380
Beaver Run Rd.) at 7:00 am, with a breakfast after at the old church
(1609 Beaver Run) and worship with cantata at 10:45 am back in the main

First Community in Buckeye Lake also has a sunrise service at their
building at 7:00 am, with a breakfast after, Sunday school program at
9:15, and their Easter cantata worship is 10:30 am.

Hebron Christian will open the Celebration of the Resurrection service
with baptisms at 10:30 am, and the senior choir will share the message
with a mix of anthems and poems starting with the old favorite "The Holy

Last weekend we saw the full flower of soccer, baseball, and the Lakewood
levy committee in blossom. Major Kudos to Beth and Scott Walters for all
their work, along with dozens of helpers and Vicki Marshall flipping
hundreds of pancakes in the Creative Catering kitchen.

Almost 500 people came through the doors and the rest of the planned
budget for the Levy Campaign was raised, but what was really raised was
the spirit and mood of the community. "We really can do it" was a common
sentiment expressed, although you had to listen close to hear what was
said as the Lakewood Pep Band played from the dance floor in the center.
Many also noted that, with the kids playing away in our midst, and the
girls softball team waiting tables, that we had a clear picture of what
we'd lose if the levy doesn't pass. That, too, was a clear message of the
morning. Plenty of folks had to eat fast and run to go coach or ref or
drive in other activities that aren't supported by our schools budget,
but they were there because they know how much we need a full range of
activities to train and motivate and mentor youth today.

A final thanks to the gang at PAL Printing, who have loaned the old
Hebron Library building they bought to the Lakewood Levy committee. For
the duration, that space will be staffed evenings for you to pick up
flyers and yard signs, ask questions, or offer to help. Just stop by some
night and say "Hi!"

Kathryn Lockwood has her famous Easter egg trees up in the window of her
house at North and Seventh; the kindergardeners have passed in review,
and they'll be up a while longer. Yes, you're not only invited, you're
encouraged to go up on the porch to see them clearly: how else to catch
the fine detail of the "SpongeBob" egg? She will only admit to something
over 400 of 'em; the exact total you have to guess!

Next Saturday is "Desire of the Everlasting Hills" by Thomas Cahill for
the Books & Coffee discussion, an Easter-friendly book that's suitable
for any faith perspective you care to bring. Cahill looks at the impact
of the person Jesus of Nazareth on history as he already has for the
Irish and the Jews. 10 am, April 26, and the coffee will flow freely once
again! May's book is "The Warden" by Anthony Trollope, and both are
available at Waldenbooks in Heath at the mall, or just come to 612 W.
Main and join the discussion. . .we'll fill you in if you haven't
finished (started) the book.

Remember May 6, a day of decision for the Lakewood School District. You
need to be there. . .but first, see you at Easter services!

Jeff Gill is pastor of Hebron Christian Church and a skilled hider of
Easter eggs. So good, we'll be finding them in the yard for months. If
you have post-Easter tales to tell or news of local interest, call 928-
4066 or e-mail him at