Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Proposed Outline for Camp Christian x 12 Task Force

Our first steps have to be to get everyone together on the same page
as to how Camp Christian has been (in the recent past) used through
Sept. to May, and how the general cost/income structure works, in reference to the general regional budget and as to fee structures for camp/conf, CWF/CMF retreats, congregational use, and outside interests.

After going over this to everyone's clarity, our next task is to look ahead, and then farther forward; to wit:

Short term futures (one to three years)

* Increased usage for training and retreats to empower congregations and leaders (how would this fit into what we're doing now, what plans are currently in the works assuming use of camp facility)

* Year-round school and possible adaptations camp/conf program would make to space under that eventuality

* A New church start support for west-of-Delaware or east-of-Marysville area

* Possible impacts depending on various configurations of relocated regional office

Long term futures (four years and out)

* Revenue generating uses [yes, i'm intentionally putting this under long- term; while a two to three year out possibility exists, i don't want anyone getting too excited based on all i'm hearing from other camps/mgrs i'm talking to about revenue generation; specifically, Camp Lazarus south of Delaware, Beaumont Scout Reservation near Cleveland, UCC's Templed and Pilgrim Hills, Presby's Geneva Hills near Logan, RC's in WV with Wheeling and Charleston retreat centers that are very "posh" for retreat housing and meals]

* Leadership Center/Outdoor Ed Center/Retreat Center subcontracting

* Agressive marketing to a) our region's congregations and small groups, b) the central Ohio market for such a facility, c) Ohio/Midwest church groups with similar aims. This possibility, where seen succesfully, is tied to being seen as a staffed center of excellence in some particular area of training or spirituality. . .and usually requires some extral fiscal support, whether judicatory, general, or grants.

* Or opening a Starbucks/Panera in the new dining hall to attract commuters off of Rt. 37. . .