Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Hebron Crossroads 5-09-04
By Jeff Gill

Happy Mother’s Day, and here at the Hebron Crossroads the Little Guy and your correspondent will treat the Lovely Wife to a delightful afternoon. . .we’ll leave the house.
OK, we’ll try to come up with some other good appreciation-type stuff, but the LW would probably enjoy peace and quiet more than rubies and pearls right now, and we can provide that more easily (cheaply!) as well.
This will be quick and short, with the backlog catching up with news next week of the Hebron Crossroads Festival May 28 through Memorial Day weekend; and in June I may just commit journalism in this space. Stay tuned!
And thanks to Donna Braig in a competing publication for a great historic review of Hebron Festivals in years long past; no, we aren’t bringing the greased pole back, due to liability concerns. Greased pigs are under a PETA injunction, but maybe we can get away with a greased watermelon competition if PETFV doesn’t object.
Lakewood baseball goes into the playoffs May 14 after a bye (for accurate sports news, please turn to our sister publication The Advocate, of course), and Lakewood Bands will offer a Spring Band Festival of their own on Sunday afternoon, May 16. Make it a belated Mother’s Day outing, maybe?
From 2 ‘til 8 pm in the Lou Staffilino Performing Arts Center (aka the auditorium) nearly 300 student musicians from all grade levels from 5 to 12 will offer everything from classical to pop, jazz to. . .ska? Well, probably no ska.
The price is free, but you can buy refreshments through the afternoon in the cafeteria. Come one, come all!

Jeff Gill is pastor of Hebron Christian Church and a very rushed parent and pastor this week; if you think he might write more next week, call 928-4066 or e-mail with news and notes of local interest!