Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"A Christmas Story" in Cleveland

On Feb. 3, 2008, this fellow got a delightful opportunity to wander about and be photographed in the house used for all the exterior and some of the interior photography of "A Christmas Story." The 25th anniversary of that movie is coming this November, and the staff at the house and museum and gift shop has done a great job creating a unique visitor experience.

A few of the shots taken by me and by Monica, one of the curators of "A Christmas Story" house, follow:

The stairs up, which Ralphie famously descends in the deranged bunny pajamas --

-- and this is Ralphie and Randy's bedroom looking towards the street, while this next is the view east over the Cuyahoga River valley which you see a number of times in the movie, usually wreathed with snow and ice --

-- they even let me pick at the turkey in the stove, before the Bumpuss' dogs got to it --

Can you see the Red Ryder air rifle behind the desk?

And i brought the Little Guy back a Little Orphan Annie decoder pin, which i tested out next to the sink, with the laundry hamper as a desk, with the bar of Lifebuoy bearing a distinct set of toothmarks (not mine!)

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