Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Hebron Crossroads 9-22
“It Takes a Village. . .To Paint Fire Hydrants”
by Jeff Gill

Wednesday, Sept. 11 dawned as clear and beautiful as last year’s
day began, but the end of the day was filled with hope and
gladness for 2002.

“Respond To The Call” brought together not only some 60 plus
local residents, but also more than 30 students and parents from
Mrs. Maslowski and Ms. Manter’s 2nd grade class and most of the
firefighters and police officers of Hebron.

At last count, over 125 hydrants were painted and brightened, with
some left undone simply because they are about to be worked on
or turned around. The bright yellow fireplugs say clearly that we
take pride in our village and are all involved in our mutual safety
and security.

Before the service project honoring 9-11 began at noon, it was an
honor to help the HFD & HPD commemorate the losses of last
year by the old Hebron fire bell. Many of those who were gathered
around the flagpole and bell carriage at noon were found just
across the way at 6:30 pm, when the American Legion Post held
their very moving flag memorial and disposal service.

From the County Prayer Breakfast early that morning to Licking
Baptist’s remembrance service in the evening, the focus was on
Patriots and progress, on rebuilding and restoring, insofar as we
can, what was lost, and building anew on solid foundations. Let
that be our goal every 9-11!

We will have another community service project next Sept. 11, of
that you can be sure.

Thanks go to so many groups and individuals that this column is
sure to miss some, but the attempt has to be made: first to the
elders and officers and members of Hebron Christian Church who
came up with the idea for “Respond To The Call” and put the plan
together; thanks to Action Pest Control, Clay’s CafĂ©, Hebron Lions,
and Slater Family Farms for their contributions; and of course to
the fire and police departments for their support and involvement,
as well as to the staff of the village, especially Mindy Kester, Mike
McFarland, Jennifer McNichols, Linda Nicodemus, and Theresa

Along with Mayor Cliff Mason, Councilmembers Jim Friend, Mike
Halter, Annelle Porter, and Scott Walters were very helpful, but
some of the most helpful assistance came from their spouses,
Rose Mason, Kim Halter, Dave Porter, and Beth Walters at the
registration table. Dave went around and personally
weed-whacked all the hydrant bases so the painting could go right
down to the standpipe collar on most of them. Charla Devine of
Devine Farms, which is starting their busy season these next few
weeks, came out and took on some High St. hydrants that required
a safety guard of firemen, but she didn’t seem to mind too much.

Others who served whether in painting, food, or supervision,
included: Daphne Cable, David Cable, Martha Cable, Allan Cook,
Amber Damron, Heather Damron, Marian Davis, Vivian
Dernberger, Pam DeVaul, Jeff Gill, Vern Griffith, Jared Halter,
Janice Harris, William Harris, Mary Lawrence, Ila Mason, Jeff
Mason, Julie McNichols, Tom McNichols, Joyce Meredith, Pat
Miller, Maribel Neel, Kim Ogershok, Art Ours, Patsy Ours, Helen
Parker, Dale Scheidegger, David Scheidegger, Michael
Scheidegger, Sharon Scheidegger, Jody Schoop, Anne Slater,
John W. Slater, Chad Smathers, Thelma Stadden, Josh Walters,
Connie Wildermuth, Nick Wildermuth, Tracy Wildermuth, and Jean

If we missed anyone, my apologies, but it was great having so
much help we started to lose track! And a final huge thank you to
Lt. Mike Yost, who did such a great job co-ordinating the paint and
supplies end of the whole deal.

No connection, I’m sure, but have you noticed the re-siding and
re-painting work being done by homeowners and landlords
around the village, particularly along Main and High Streets? Our
fair village just gets better looking all the time. . .

And a closing observation about service and selflessness: over at
Children’s Hospital, where Kara Glaser is recovering from the
severe injuries to her leg from a few weeks back, that young lady
has been using her first few trips around the floor in a wheelchair
to give away some of her beanie babies and stuffed animals she’s
received over these last two weeks. “I’ve got more than I need,”
Kara says, “and some of them don’t have so much.” We could all
do with her sense of how much is enough for ourselves, and how
best to make use of the excess. Thanks, Kara!

Jeff Gill is pastor of Hebron Christian Church and an expert at fire
hydrant identification (the Chattanooga hydrants are very different
from the Anniston AL ones close up, you know). If you have hydrant
sightings or other Hebron news, call 928-4066 or e-mail