Monday, May 10, 2004

Licking District Trailmarkers June/July 2004

Rockin’ the Rock

If we could just get pro wrestler and movie star “The Rock” out to Wilkins Corners for a fundraiser, we’d have “Rockin’ the Rock with The Rock!”

But things are pretty cool as it is: Cub Day Camp booming and, that same week, Staff Training Week under a new summer camp director (good luck, Chris!) in June, and then a solid summer of long-term camping for units from all over Simon Kenton Council, including quite a few from Licking District.

Scouters, remember as you’re thinking about how far to go to get that last kid to go to camp: retention in Scouting more than doubles for kids who have a long-term camp experience. Put another way, the Scout who doesn’t go to camp this summer has less than a 1 in 3 chance in staying active through the next year in your unit.

Thanks to all the Scoutmasters and troop camping chairs who have made the extra effort already! Licking District has an almost 100% amount of troops signed up for a week of camp somewhere, in or out-of-council, and that’s as it should be. Thanks also to Bill Burgess, our DE, and folks like Mike Dalton and our OA chapter officers who are talking up camp around the units.

Our next SKC/BSA “Scouter” will come out in August, which means the next deadline is July 1 for material that many in the district will not see until mid-August, so plan your submitted material accordingly. For instance, we probably should have in this issue info about Scout stuff at the Hartford Fair or Ohio State Fair, but little of that is available in the last week of April! So keep lead times in mind (it helps us plan ahead, anyhow!), and send your news and notes to Jeff Gill at Thanks!

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Total County Awareness!
Our Goal for School Night for Scouting

Every youth (and parent) in Licking County should, at minimum, know how they could join the Scouting program appropriate to their age level, in their area.

Bill Acklin, chairperson of the Membership Committee for the Licking County District reports that the membership committee is busy with planning efforts for School Night 2004. The district’s goal is to reach out to the boys of Licking County and share the message of scouting, in particular Cub Scouting. The committee plans to divide the area into five zones, each with a School Night Coordinator to work with and support Pack leaders in this recruiting activity, with the Membership Committee providing overall support. Tim Bubb, Newark City Treasurer and candidate for County Commissioner has volunteered to serve as Chairperson for School Night 2004. We are hopeful that this team approach to School Night 2004 will better ensure that the district will achieve the goal of sharing the Scouting program with the youth of Licking County and make School Night 2004 a complete success.


Purpose: School Night is a concentrated effort held each fall to acquaint boys and parents about Cub Scout opportunities and programs and to register new boys and new leaders with existing Cub Packs.

Goal: We have not been reaching as many young perspective Cub Scouts in the area as we would like to share the Scouting message. We need the help of all existing Cub Packs and Scout Troops to reach out to the youth of Licking County to share the Good News about Scouting.

What can Packs and Troops do to help? Begin planning for this year’s program by identifying a School Night Coordinator for your unit. Review dates for School Night with your sponsoring organization and set a date with the local school(s). The following schedule outlines the upcoming District’s program for 2004 for your guidance.

What support will the District Membership Committee provide? The Membership committee will provide program literature and fliers, training for Unit Coordinators, school contact information and other support as needed.

School Night 2004 Tentative Time Schedule

March 2 Roundtable Introduce School Night 2004

March 22 Mailing Mailing to Cub Masters and Pack committee chairs announcing School Night 2004 and request to have units identify School Night coordinator to attend April 6 Roundtable

April 6 Roundtable Organize School Night w/Packs asking Packs to review dates for School Night with sponsoring organization and set date by May 4 RT

May 4 Roundtable Packs advise dates for School Night

May 15 Deadline for Packs to schedule date for School Night w/schools

August 10 School Night training for presenters and units by District Membership Committee

August 17 Fall Program Kickoff (Boy Talk model presentation)

August 24-September 2 Boy Talk “Warm Up—Information” fliers sent to boys home from school with boys’ other paperwork going to the home from school

August 24-September 9 Boy Talks and School Night rallies to be held

September 2 & 11 Packs turn in new boy’s applications and new leader’s applications (site TBA)

* * * * * * *

Fall Program Kickoff
Newark Public Library Mtg. Room
Tues., Aug. 17 – 5 to 7 pm

Note in the “School Night for Scouting” lead-in schedule the annual Fall Program Kickoff. This event, for all Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, and unit program chairs, includes Popcorn Sale info, leadership training updates, and a chance to meet people with programs from all over Licking County who want to help your Scouts succeed.

From activity options at Buckeye Lake, Flint Ridge & Newark Earthworks State Memorials, Licking Park District or Dawes Arboretum, and the Ohio Nature Education folks, you can reach in one place people from one end of our area to the other. . .plus talk to almost any of our district leadership as the fall program year gets started.

Drop by, have some coffee or pop, and tour the tables, ask questions, and best yet get some answers, whether on charters, youth religious awards, or how to tie a one-handed bowline. See you there!

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