Saturday, May 22, 2004

Notes From My Knapsack – June 2004 “The Church Window”
Sitting on my front stoop a few weeks ago was my writer’s copy of “Religion in Ohio – Profiles of Faith Communities.” This volume, edited by folks with the Religious Experience Advisory Council of the Ohio Bicentennial Commission, took a little longer to assemble than the Interfaith Committee had anticipated, so here we are post-bicentennial, but the book will be a monument and resource for the next fifty years just as the last version was from 1954.
Hebron Christian Church, near the “historic crossroads of Ohio,” has the distinction of having authors of two sections in their fellowship, myself for the Disciples of Christ, and Herb Hicks, still serving an interim up at Somerset, PA with an UCC parish, wrote the Society of Friends (Quakers) section, having dual standing and family history with that denomination. There are churches with co-authors in them, but I’m betting nowhere else has two different section writers in them!
By the time you read this, the first/renewed “Hebron Crossroads Festival” Memorial Day weekend will be history. I trust that the success of the event, the enjoyment of the participants, and the opportunity for groups like our church to engage the public will make this an annual tradition. . .again. Donna Braig, Maribel Neel’s sister, has written elsewhere of the delights in the 30’s and 40’s of greased pigs & poles, and massive parades (ungreased). We have high hopes for where this festival for our community might develop in the future.
Our reading of “The Purpose Driven Life” is history of a sort, but like all the best sort of historical understanding, it continues to have a life among us. Summer program ideas, mission experiences like what Jennifer McNichols will have later in the month in Nicaragua, and the commitment we share with the new Camp Christian dedicated June 12 (see elsewhere in the newsletter for more on each) with state CYF co-pres Josh Halter participating, all are signs of the vision and mission we seek to build together at Hebron Christian.
How is your vision for what God is doing in the Lakewood area developing? Tell someone about it this summer. . .
In Grace & Peace, Pastor Jeff
* * * * * * *
Jennifer McNichols to Nicaragua
Along with some fellow education students at OSU-N, Jennifer McNichols will spend the latter part of this month in the Central American country of Nicaragua. This is a poor nation, with many simple needs more easily met by direct in-kind giving than by mailing cash. Jennifer has been asked by the trip leaders, who will supervise their time spent living and working among the campesinos (tenant farmers), to bring items easily transportable with their luggage allowance, like soccer or volleyballs that can be deflated for storage, or [blank blank blank]; also they have some allowance for carrying small children’s clothes, which in many cases are the right size for Nicaraguan adults, as well.
Contact the McNichols at 323-4600 for questions of if you have items to get to her before June 8. We look forward to sharing her story when she returns at the end of the month.
* * * * * * *
Camp Christian Dedication & Camps
Magnetic Springs, Ohio has been a center of Disciples of Christ activity since 1949, when Camp Christian sprang into being. We’ve upgraded and built new a few times since then, but no period has seen as much change on the property, just west of Delaware in Union County on Rt. 37, as this past year.
Dedication ceremonies for the “new” Camp Christian are on Sat., June 12, at 11 am, with registration and social time preceding and a sack lunch to follow. Come join the celebration!
The very next day, our first crew of around 20 campers and counselors from Hebron Christian will move into camp for Hocking Chi Rho (middle school). At print time, Alan Cook, Susan Jones, Josh Walters, and Tracy Wildermuth are attending. Send them a greeting at Camp Christian, Hocking Chi Rho Camp, (Name), Magnetic Springs OH 43036 by June 12 to guarantee arrival.
July 4 starts Phyo CYF (high school), with Amy Brown, Crystal Damron, Sonya Ford, Josh Halter, Chris Jones, Sean Jones, Whitney Mason, Kalee McCord, Mattie McCord, & Julie McNichols [ed note - David Scheidegger still a maybe]. Same address, and send by July 2 for arrival that week.
And Templed Hills is our Badger 3-4-5 gr. Camp, with Jared Halter a camper, and Dory Smathers, Crystal Damron, and Josh Halter counseling, with Jeff Gill as co-director. Mail them at Templed Hills, Badger 2137, Box 575, Bellville OH 44813. July 9 is a good date to mail by for them.
* * * * * * *
Graduate Recognition Sunday, June 2 in worship
We recognize LHS seniors Amy Brown, Sonya Ford, Nick Mason, and Julie McNichols (our youth group co-pres), along with Dennis Neel at Lakewood (Maribel Neel’s grandson), Robert Love at JVS (Helen Parker’s grandson), Austin Dernberger at Newark (Ralph & Mary Alice Dernberger’s grandson), Beth Wickizer at Worthington (Rev. & Dr. Wickizer’s daughter), Kyle Rogers at Hilliard (Rev. Hutchings’ grandson) and Jason Bartlett and Ronnie Hodges at Fremont Ross (Charles & Wanda Slater’s gr-grandsons) [ed note – and Tashina Jenkins ???, got note but don’t have referent]; our prayers and congratulations go with you through this new stage in your life and walk with God.
Commencement at Lakewood High is June 2, where Pastor Jeff will deliver the invocation; seniors will perform their final numbers with the band and choir during the ceremony, which begins at 2 pm in the main gymnasium.

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