Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Notes From My Knapsack -- October "The Church Window"
As the children have been traveling the world on their "flying carpets," visiting mission projects around the globe, the visit to the hurricane ravaged islands of the Caribbean caught many worshipers’ attention.When we “flew low” to see the deployment of Interfaith Medical Assistance boxes in village squares on Haiti and Grenada, a number of you took note, and asked later: what would we need to do to “refill” some of those, which will no doubt be needed again.Well, thanks to Johnny Wray, our Disciples of Christ director for Week of Compassion ministries (see, here’s the list, and we will have envelopes in church the next few weeks for offerings. We’re asked to add $350 per set of supplies we send, so that they can get donated and deeply discounted medical supplies to finish the box.Johnny tells us “with Medicines and Medical Supplies Donated by Pharmaceutical Companies plus Medicines and Medical Products Purchased with Your Cash Gift your $400 Medicine Box is valued at approximately $2,000! Weighing no more than 70 pounds, the I.M.A. Medicine Box® is designed to treat the common illnesses of approximately 1,000 adults and children for 2-3 months. Health care workers, as well as volunteer medical mission teams, tell us how much they value the Medicine Box for its delivery of consistent medicines and medical supplies that are appropriate to the health needs of the developing world.”You can see the list elsewhere in the newsletter (and on an insert in the bulletin the next few weeks), and bring in some items, or simply add to the donation, and we’ll let you know how many bright red IMA boxes Hebron can make up!In Grace & Peace,Pastor Jeffps: the youth collected over 100 items in their food pantry scavenger hunt! Good work, gang!!
Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), 325 mg (5gr) tablets, 1,000 tablets (*bottles of 100 tablets or more if possible), preferred brands are Bayer Aspirin, Rite-Aid Aspirin, Equate Aspirin.
Ferrous Sulfate 65 mg tablets (65 mg iron), 500 tablets (*packets of 100 tablets)
Children's Multivitamins with Iron, Chewable tablets, 500 tablets (*bottles of 100 tablets or more if possible), preferred brands are Flintstones Plus Iron, or Centrum Kids Complete.
Adult Multivitamins with Iron, Tablets 500 tablets (*bottles of 100 tablets or more if possible), preferred: Theragran-M, Nature Made Therapeutic-M.
Children's Acetaminophen, 80 mg chewable tablets, 300 tablets, preferred: Children's Tylenol (note: usually available in bottles of 30 tablets only).
Triple Antibiotic Topical Ointment, 1/2 oz tubes, 4 tubes, such as Neosporin Ointment.
Sterile Gauze Pads, 4 x 4, 50 pads, preferred: Johnson & Johnson or Curity.
First Aid Adhesive Tape 1/2" or 1" x 10 yds or more, 6 rolls, preferred: Johnson & Johnson, Curity.
Please follow these collection guidelines:
Products must be new products, with unbroken seals.
Products must have expiration dates of 18 months or longer; purchase longest dating possible.
No substitution of products or strengths is acceptable.
Send only complete kits containing all required products, in quantities shown.
Generic brands are acceptable. Ask your pharmacist if a generic brand is equivalent to the listed example products.
Where possible, purchase tablets in bottles of 100 or more.
Samples are not acceptable.
For example, if the required number of tablets is 1,000, collect: 1 bottle of 1,000 tablets; or 2 bottles of 500 tablets each; or 4 bottles of 300 or 250 tablets each; or 8 bottles of 130 tablets each; etc.

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