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The Scouter -- Simon Kenton Council – Nov/Dec 2004

Licking District Trailmarkers

September had the traditional United Way campaign kick-off with a parade through our county seat, Newark.

That’s not unusual (tho’ many counties long ago gave up on a UW parade, and Licking County is still going strong!), but what was unusually wonderful was their choice of Grand Marshall, our District Chairman, Trevor Gamble. Trig was the first recipient of the Ken Johnston Volunteer of the Year award last spring, and for his work with Scouting, at Denison during and after his retirement, in his community and church, the folks with the United Way put him right at the head of the parade!

Along the route, Scouting was represented in a number of ways, with Packs and Troops involved, and Pack 75 winning an award for “Best Interpretation of the Theme” and Pack 22 for “Best Unit Float.” Good job, Cub Scouts!

This fall – and beyond – we need to remind our Licking County friends and neighbors who work in Franklin and Delaware Counties to designate their United Way giving to Licking County. Out of county workers are accounting for a growing percentage (approaching 25%) of Licking Co. UW funds, and we need to put those charitable dollars to work in their home community. Some folks think this happens automatically: wrong!

Remember, the $10 registration each Scout and scouter pays goes to the national background check and record keeping system – none of it stays with Simon Kenton Council. United Way dollars and Popcorn sales, along with Friends of Scouting (FOS) is what keeps Scouting paid for at $110 per child per year locally. What a great buy those dollars are!

Please support your Popcorn Sale and local United Way work . . . and for units, remember that scheduling your unit’s family FOS presentation through Larry Lorance is part of what it takes to get free advancement materials.

If you have post-Jan. 15, 2005 info or announcements to share, send it to

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Charters Make Scouting Go!

Unit charters went out to unit commissioners Oct. 23; Nov. 16 is our first charter turn-in day, at the Newark 5th St. Red Cross building from 7 to 8:30 pm. Nov. 27 is the final sweep, from 9 to 11 am at Central Christian Church on Mt. Vernon Rd. in Newark. Questions? Come to the Roundtables in Nov. or Dec.; Nov. 2 at 7:15 pm in Central Christian Church, or there again on Dec. 7, always the first Tuesday at &:15 pm.

* * * * * * *

Popcorn Pick-up

Sat., Nov. 20 (aka Beat Michigan Day) from 8 am to Noon at the Alltel Bldg. on Hopewell Dr. in Heath is Popcorn Pick-up. Bring checks dated to Dec. 6 made out to SKC/BSA from your unit treasury. We’ll be done in plenty of time to get home and fire up the grill.

* * * * * * *

District Elections

January 2005 will see the next round of elections for district positions; Judge Tom Marcelain has agreed to serve as Nominating Committee chairman, a position he has well served in the past. All chartered organization representatives are voters for the leadership positions in Licking District, along with at-large members. If you have suggestions for nominations, bring them to Roundtable!

* * * * * * *

Klondike Derby at Camp Falling Rock

January 22 is the annual Klondike Derby for our district; smoke rising from historic Franklin Lodge, feet thundering across the covered bridge, ice on Lake PeeWee and icicles off the cliffs are all part of the “can’t miss” experience in Scouting that is Klondike. Unit leaders will receive a mailing on this event shortly, and the lead article on January’s “The Scouter” (our next issue) will cover the snow forecast (it’s gonna!) and plans for having fun (you will!) at the Rock.

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