Sunday, April 17, 2005

Greetings! If you have wandered this way thanks to Jay Rosen's kind quotes in PressThink, i am a sad disappointment indeed. This is less a true blog than a place to put copies of my print material (which saves me a step when asked for copies, a peculiar but regular part of writing in a Midwestern community: "can i get a copy of that thing you wrote on the stuff when you did?"), so there is little of current interest unless you live in Licking County, Ohio.

If you're interested in Licking County, Ohio, on the other hand, there's all kinds of fun stuff here.

Anyhow, say hello at and tell me i'm full of beans, or extend the analogies even more dangerously. Most "professions" are extremely comparable in their engagement with the world o' today, and jointly suffer from an overly developed sense of their own uniqueness, tho' i fear ministry has a particularly virulent form of the disease.

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