Monday, August 29, 2005

Greetings, good readers of Amy's (or should i say "Ave!"?); this is actually much less of a blog than a weekly dumping ground of the raw text of my two weekly print columns. And local readers note once again: i don't write the headlines. What shows up here usually isn't what's in the paper -- not to mention what may happen to the text when last minute ads come in . . .

But the point is "unintentional pro-life writing," or am i right to suspect that there is some intentionality here:

. . . much akin to the Michael Caine "Alfie," which if it wasn't making a point in the last thirty minutes -- and jabbing it into your heart -- i don't know what i think they thought they were doing.

And the Jude Law version's ellipsis was making its own point by leaving all that out after echoing the rest of the script so well.

But read the NYTBR piece and see for yourself.


Jeff Gill
Granville, Ohio

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