Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Proud Magazine 2013

Proud Magazine 2013 - Licking County Chamber of Commerce

Andre Dager is a fourth generation ice cream maker, part of a family business known far beyond Licking County as Velvet Ice Cream. Close to home, she and her husband have found the entrepreneurial environment to be a good one for a business venture of her own! In her own words:


"Velvet Ice Cream has been a thriving business in Licking County for nearly 100 years, and we will celebrate our 100th Anniversary in 2014.  We make over 60 flavors and distribute our products to 26 states.  We feel very fortunate to be a part of a growing community where we employ 125 full time team members and 60 seasonal team members.   There is great leadership in this community and great networking available.  Community banks and businesses have been available for us to help us grow through the years. 


As for Red Oak Pub, that is truly the vision of my husband Michael Sarap and myself.  We began planning in 2011, after we had heard from our customers that Licking County needed a family friendly, clean, upscale pub where people of all ages could relax and enjoy great food, atmosphere and hospitality.  We're giving Licking County what they were asking for!  We employ 60 team members at Red Oak Pub. 


With the economy the way it has been the past few years, we had many people tell us to just franchise, it's too risky to create your own concept.  After much research we never found anything that we really liked or felt was worth the investment.  At that point, we began seriously creating our own concept and hired a chef.  Living and working in a community like Licking County we know that we have the resources to grow our businesses and to become successful, not only for ourselves but for our team members that rely on us for jobs, we couldn't do what we do without them."


Red Oak Pub's menu is what could be described as "gastropub," or "better bar food," with sophisticated wings, hearty soups, a variety of burgers and classic American comfort foods: and of course, Velvet Ice cream in the milkshakes!

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