Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas Eve 2016


The shepherd sat upon his rock,

the fire burning low.

A night so cold cried out for flame,

for warmth and not for show.

He was not hidden, a lonely guard,

attending to his flock.

This hillside spread beneath the stars 

where grazing was his stock.


Open above, slope bending east,

Bethlehem to the west,

He and his fellows long had paced

these fields for forage and rest.

Some said a youthful David did

watch over Jesse's beasts

In these same fields where today

they had their humble feasts.


Now gnawing bread and chewing slow

this shepherd to his fire

Huddled closer, seeking warmth while

recalling heav'nly choirs.

They all had seen and heard the hail

from angels bending low.

Each shepherd wanted to respond

but one was not to go.


So this lone task the shepherd's drawn

to watch out o'er the sheep.

The rest all ran to Bethlehem,

the vision's promise keep.

What would he miss, the guardian thought,

of God's own Word made known;

A babe whose place in some great plan

In some time yet be shown.


Alone, but for the sheep his care,

the shepherd thought, and prayed.

Then suddenly above appeared

one wing'ed youthful maid.

A single member of the host

again was present there;

Returned this one - to sing for him,

To honor faithful prayer.


She sang to warm his heart, her song

rang out from up to down;

Her music's flow described what was

revealed to those in town.

The birth of Jesus set before 

him though the distance long

Between him and his shepherd friends

meant that he'd not belong.


But this lone angel sent by God

to reassure the one

That on his watch, to faithful hope,

a heavenly answer'd come.

His place was with the flock, and there

The presence of the Lord

would also be made known, to those

obedient to his Word.


While shepherds were the Savior shown,

a guardian kept his faith;

And God was present to each & all

Just as the promise sayeth.

The angel then withdrew, but he

no longer felt alone.

He felt his place in God's great plan

while sitting on his stone.


At times we each may find that we're

left outside in the cold,

And wonder if we are within

the story God has told.

Let angels sing, and listen we

to their music soft and clear,

Whose harmonies should tell us all

Our Lord is with us here.

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